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COVID-19 Update Webinar - Shared screen with speaker view
Jeanne Kelly
Are we muted? I can't see how to mute myself. Thank you
Jennifer Powell
Is there a way or somewhere we should be reporting the patients getting home positive tests?
sara lennox
In the case of definite positive contact in a completely vaccinated asymptomatic person , if PCR testing 3-5 d post exposure is not ant option, is sequential antigen testing sufficient to identify possible infection ? Recommendation has been to wear mask, and test daily with home test , isolation not needed, iby CDC recently.
sara lennox
if rapid antigen testing was readily available, would population based routine testing of asymptomatic people likely be helpful for curtailing spread of Covid infection ?
Susan DiVitto
Hi Ben: I've heard that the flu is also rising? Is there actually a name for Omnicon and Flu? How would that be diagnosed? Symptoms are close? Thanks.
Dr. Elshaar
How wise to get schools back on remote learning giving the current surge? Vs the trauma of mental health?
Wayne Altman, MD (he/him/his)
Is there good data we can share with vaccine hesitant folks regarding death rates in states with high vaccination rates vs. death rates in states with low vaccination rates?
Wayne Altman, MD (he/him/his)
How long should we recommend that a patient wait for their booster after a COVID infection?
Wayne Altman, MD (he/him/his)
Is there a standard for how long people should wear their KN95 masks/N95 masks before throwing them away?
sara lennox
There are a large # of KN95 masks available. The FDA & CDC sites do not clearly help with identifying which are the actually effective ones.
Jennifer Powell
Are studies showing vaccinated individuals get COVID19 multiple times? Is it 3 months still of likely protection against getting COVID19 again?
Francisco Brincheiro
the 5 day isolation for positive test, does it start on day of test or day of sx start?
Susan DiVitto
Thanks as always Ben! Happy Healthy New Year!